Permanent Makeup

Cocoon Atelier provides flawless cosmetic tattooing and specialises in the hottest permanent makeup techniques – Ombrè Brows and Aquarelle Lips. 

Cocoon Atelier is committed to our client’s satisfaction and achieving natural looking permanent makeup results.



Cocoon Atelier takes cosmetic tattooing very seriously.  I am solely dedicated to this fine art alone and don’t offer any other beauty services.  

There is never any rushing, because perfection can’t be rushed.  In fact, only 2 initial procedures are booked per day to ensure there is plenty of time to dedicate to you.  


What’s so good about permanent makeup?

Imagine waking up with perfect eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips.  Imagine not having to try and perfect the shape every morning, and imagine that they stay perfect all day long!  



It’s amazing the difference eyeliner can make to our overall appearance, simply by defining the eyes and providing the illusion of a full set of lashes.

Cocoon Atelier offers lash line enhancements and classic eyeliner.  I use a shading technique which is soft and natural looking.  

Permanent eyeliner will have you looking your best even when wearing no makeup.

Perfect with your eyelash extensions!



Are your brows lacking shape and symmetry? 

Are there gaps or a lack of hair? 

Do you want to eliminate the need to fill them in everyday?

Correcting poorly-shaped brows and defining your brows can drastically improve your overall facial expression.

Your brows will be specifically designed to suit your bone structure, facial muscles, expression and personality.

Ombrè Brows are Cocoon Atelier’s signature technique. 

Ombrè Brows is the best technique to achieve a soft and refined effect.


Let’s face it, lipstick takes forever to apply properly and takes one sip of Sauvignon Blanc to erase. The pleasure and effortlessness of waking up with permanent lip tint is priceless. 

Lip tint can enhance the shape and correct asymmetries and colour irregularities, leaving you with better defined lips and a more confident smile. 

Cocoon Atelier lip lint is liner-free and a natural, blushed effect is achieved. Lipstick can still be applied over the top. 

Perfect to restore colour loss from fillers!

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