What is PMU?

What is Permanent Makeup aka cosmetic tattooing?

Permanent makeup, as it’s referred to at Cocoon Atelier, is also known as cosmetic tattoo.  Both terms refer to the implantation of pigment into the skin. The goal is to mimic conventional makeup.

Permanent makeup has come a long way in recent years. Although there have been harsh-looking cosmetic tattoos in the past, subtle results are now being achieved.  Artists who are trained in the latest innovative techniques, can create refined, natural looking brows and lip tints.

Let’s talk brows…

What is Microblading and Feather Stroke Eyebrows?

It’s really confusing isn’t it?!  Let me explain it to you… Microblading, feather stroke eyebrows or eyebrow feathering are terms used to describe brow tattoos that mimic individual hair strokes.

At Cocoon atelier, I use the Ombrè Brow technique because I believe this provides the most attractive looking set of brows long term. The effect is similar to a soft makeup look.

We all want to look our best at all times.  Semi permanent makeup is a practical solution to time-consuming beauty routines that many of us struggle to perfect.  With permanent makeup, you can reclaim your time and reinvest it into the more important aspects of your life. While knowing that you are always looking your best.

We are all beautiful, however many of us need a little help defining our facial features. With the use of cosmetic tattooing, I can enhance your natural beauty, fill out those sparse brows, and correct asymmetries, restore colour loss in lips from fillers.

Semi-permanent makeup is also a relief for those who lead athletic lives, those who have allergies to conventional makeup, and for those who are visually or motor impaired, or suffer from alopecia.

Why get PMU?

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