About me

Hi, I'm Katri Pagliaro

my business is Cocoon Atelier and I am a cosmetic tattooist.

I attended my very first training in cosmetic tattooing aka permanent makeup artist in 2018. Since then, I have completed further training both domestically and internationally at least once or twice per year to continue to improve my skills and knowledge.
Contrary to what many people think, I am not a beauty therapist and wasn’t in the beauty industry before becoming a cosmetic tattooist. I believe PMU artists should be dedicated to this art form alone and I have been working as a full time permanent makeup artist since 2019.

In permanent makeup I have definitely found my niche and I absolutely love it!   As an artist I am very particular and prefer to have only two clients a day so I can take my time and make sure that the work I produce is as perfect as possible. 

When I’m not tattooing, I love to travel and I spend lots of time in Italy where I have a house and host small group tours with my husband Marco for fun. I also love snowboarding, food and wine, cooking and reading novels.

Apart from tending to my hundreds of lovely clients, I also train students of PMU and other artists who want to improve their skills. I absolutely love teaching others and seeing them succeed. 

I’m also known to sing my way through most of my appointments, lol.
I hope I get to meet you soon!

Katri xxx


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Katri is brilliant, I researched thoroughly before getting my ombre brows and perfection for me was a must! If you want quality with an artist who has a wealth of knowledge and experience, go to Katri.
Lara L
Katri has made my brow dreams come true! During my initial appointment, she spent so long making sure my brows were perfect, making minor adjustments to make sure we were both happy, I can honestly say that I have reached brow perfection!
Cassie T
Katri is an eyebrow artist, an absolute perfectionist and a lovely person. She allowed me all the time for my appointment and will not send you out until we are happy with the end result. It seems like this girl was put on earth to give us brow perfection!
Jenna T
Barwon Heads
Highly recommend Katri for all cosmetic tattooists wanting to upskill! Not only does Katri have a heart of gold but she’s absolutely AMAZING at what she does & will not hold back during training. Even months after completing a 1on1, I have received continuous support.
Aimee M
I completed the 1on1 1 ombré brow training with the beautiful Katri and I can't recommend her enough. I was so obsessed with everything about coming to train with her from the get-go. My skills have seriously improved immensely since going to Katri and she STILL continues to support me. I’m going to be coming back for a second and a third training eventually because to be the best you first have to invest in a good mentor!! Thank you so much, Katri, for everything
Mija Kosic