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Are you tired of drawing on your brows everyday? 

Or, too busy to make it to regular tinting appointments which don’t even last? 

My Ombré brows create the perfect shape for each individual and a soft tint-like look for your brows which lasts up to 5 years!

Ombré Brows Step by step

  1. Once you’ve make a booking with Cocoon Atelier, you will be emailed an online consultation form with all the information you need for your appointment. 

  2. At your appointment I will first speak to you about your expectations and answer any questions you may have. 

  3. The next step is to create your custom shape. I will first predraw the perfect shape for you and get your final approval before moving on to tattooing. 

  4. I will then tattoo a very faint outline to set the shape of the predraw in place. Numbing cream is then applied and the brows are shaded in until a natural look is achieved. You then check the brows and more shading can be applied if you desire a more defined brow.  Very little discomfort is felt during the tattooing process, many clients even take a nap! 

  5. Aftercare cream and instructions are provided so you can care for your brows. 

Ombré Brows

$890 initial appointment

Initial appointment lasts 3-5 years.

Touch Up Appointment $190

A touchup is only needed if brows don’t heal perfectly or if you decide to make your brows darker. Touchups must only be between 8-14 weeks after your initial appointment.

Refresh Appointments

Keep your Ombré Brows looking amazing over the years and replenish pigment as they soften.

Refresh 3-10 months $290

Refresh 10 months - 3 years $390

Refresh 3-5 years $490

Frequently Asked Questions

Ombré Brows

The most frequently asked questions about permanent makeup and Cocoon Atelier's services

This is of course the main question everyone asks.

But it’s an unnecessary concern as I’ll explain…

First of all at the appointment I will take a lot of care to draw the PERFECT brows or lips for you. This drawing is your custom “stencil” so, you’re going to see what they will look like BEFORE we make anything semi-permanent. 

I allow my clients ample time to assess their pre-draw and encourage questions. 

I want you to be 100% in love with them before we start and trust me you will be happy with them before I am (perfectionist here)

Then… When I start to tattoo I have to build up the visibility of the tattoo by doing 3-4 layers. With the first layer there is only a very light amount of pigment inserted into the skin. 

At this stage my clients are shown the progress so you can be reassured that your Ombré Brows or Lip Tint is coming along famously. 

Then, I proceed with the following layers until we have a natural look. At this stage I show my clients again and it’s up to them if they want to stay with this subtle look or make them more defined with another layer or two. 

So, as you can see we are in control of the way your brows or lips turn out all along.

It’s a step by set process, not like you just come in and lay down and get up with them finished! 

Clients always say “I don’t know what I was so nervous about” and “I can’t believe I put this off for so long!”

Permanent makeup is essentially a lot of microscopic injuries to the skin, much like skin needling.  The skin is punctured with micro holes to be able to implant the pigment beneath the epidermal layer of the skin.  

The body registers the pigment as a foreign body that must be removed and during the healing process it works hard to remove the pigment, pushing it to the surface of the skin.

Much of the pigment is naturally sloughed off during the healing process following the initial procedure, and can sometimes cause patchy and lighter than desired results. 

The touchup appointment imparts more pigment to the site, and reinforces shape and precision. After the touchup, your permanent makeup should have reached the desired results.  

Generally, my Ombre Brow clients don’t require a touchup appointment because my application is very well done, but it is available for clients who need it. 

Lips generally need a touchup appointment because we still need to use them during the healing phase and can’t leave them alone to heal perfectly like we can with eyebrows. 

I have always chosen to be an artist who chooses quality over quantity.

My prices reflect the time, care, ongoing training and dedication involved in providing permanent makeup techniques that create natural looking flawless results, and cause less trauma to the skin.

Although most appointments take 3 hours, I allow up to 4 hours for each procedure, which is double the time allocated by most providers of permanent makeup. This way there is no rushing and I can ensure my work is as perfect as possible for you!  

I personally know how it feels when an artist seems to be rushing through the process of permanent makeup, and I never want my clients to feel that way. I take the responsibility of providing permanent makeup very seriously.

I always use the highest quality pigments and tools and never substitute quality for money-saving measures.

Permanent Makeup is a long-term commitment that you should enjoy every time you look in the mirror and receive a compliment from a stranger. Low costs should not be a deciding factor when choosing your artist so choose wisely 🙂

Yes, I sure do! 

You can use Afterpay or Zippy in store.  It’s the customer’s responsibility to ensure that their Afterpay or Zippy accounts are active and functional before their appointment. 

Depending on the chosen density of your ombré brows or lips, your skin type, cosmetics used and your lifestyle, ombré brows and lip tints will generally last between 3-5 years, sometimes more. 

During this time however, they will fade and many clients choose to replace the pigment loss and keep their ombré brows and lip tints looking fresh with Refresh Appointments.

Refresh appointments should be booked every 1-3 years. 

Although most appointments take 3 hours, I allow up to 4 hours for each appointment. This way there is no rushing and I can be sure my work is as perfect as possible for you. I will never be rushing you out the door and don’t worry, the time FLIES by!

Cosmetic tattooing done properly takes time and patience from both the artist and the client. Harsh tattoos can be done quickly, but to achieve a soft and natural look, gradual layering of pigment is required and this takes time to achieve. 

I use Permablend, Brow Daddy and Evenflo pigments.

These pigments don’t contain any Nickel or any heavy metals.  They are highly concentrated and long lasting. They are made from the highest quality pigments and have the highest lightfastness rating for maximum colour stability and performance.

They are vegan and curelty-free. 

Most people have heard of “Microblading” also known as “Feather Tattoo”, but many people don’t know what they are exactly.

Let me explain…

Microblading is performed using a manual hand tool which consists of a row of between 6-14 needles. The needle forms a kind of blade which is dipped in pigment and then passed over the skin to create pigmented, hair-shaped cuts. 

My preferred brow technique is the Ombrè Brow. I believe the end results from the Ombrè brow are the most attractive and can be the most natural looking if that is what the client has opted for. 

Hairstrokes made from microblading look great to begin with but they blur over time, ending up much thicker than your natural brow hairs and looking less than natural. The cutting from microblading also leaves scarring which can never be removed! 

The ombre brow is the most up to date technique in the world and by far the best choice for your brows no matter your age or skin type.

Your natural eyebrow hair will still continue to grow after you get an eyebrow tattoo.  Although you will no longer have to tint or Henna your brows, or fill them in with makeup, you will still need to remove any unwanted hair growth. 

This is made easy with a permanent makeup tattoo as a guide.  No more waxing or eyebrow threading disasters!  




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Katri is brilliant, I researched thoroughly before getting my ombre brows and perfection for me was a must! If you want quality with an artist who has a wealth of knowledge and experience, go to Katri.
Lara L
Katri has made my brow dreams come true! During my initial appointment, she spent so long making sure my brows were perfect, making minor adjustments to make sure we were both happy, I can honestly say that I have reached brow perfection!
Cassie T
Katri is an eyebrow artist, an absolute perfectionist and a lovely person. She allowed me all the time for my appointment and will not send you out until we are happy with the end result. It seems like this girl was put on earth to give us brow perfection!
Jenna T
Barwon Heads
Highly recommend Katri for all cosmetic tattooists wanting to upskill! Not only does Katri have a heart of gold but she’s absolutely AMAZING at what she does & will not hold back during training. Even months after completing a 1on1, I have received continuous support.
Aimee M
I completed the 1on1 1 ombré brow training with the beautiful Katri and I can't recommend her enough. I was so obsessed with everything about coming to train with her from the get-go. My skills have seriously improved immensely since going to Katri and she STILL continues to support me. I’m going to be coming back for a second and a third training eventually because to be the best you first have to invest in a good mentor!! Thank you so much, Katri, for everything
Mija Kosic