online course

Ombrè Brows
the 7 key fundamentals

For beginners and PMU artists who are struggling and want to take their Ombre Brows to the next level.

This online course focuses on the 7 Key Fundamentals every artist needs to be able to achieve perfect Ombré Brows and amazing healed results.

If there is something you’re struggling with something with your Ombré Brows, it will be because you haven’t mastered one of these fundamentals.

So, let’s hone in and perfect your technique, now!

  • Learn the core skills you need for PMU mastery
  • Correct Bad habits
  • Fine tune your technique
  • Achieve perfect retention
  • Fail-proof predrawing system
  • Live model demonstration and touchup
  • 1 year access

$490 AUD


Student Reviews

Mija Kosić
19 Nov 2022
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I completed ombre brow training with beautiful Katri and I can't recommend her enough. I was so obsessed with everything about coming to train with her from the get go. Katri did not hold back at all when I came in to train with her, she explained everything to me, all the ins and outs. My skills have seriously improved since going to Katri and she STILL continues to support me when I have any questions or need additional help. I'm so bloody lucky to have found this gem of a human being and I feel so much better knowing that I'm not alone stepping into this industry. To be the best you first have to invest in a good mentor!! Thank you so much Katri, for everything xx
Aimee Mcmurray
8 Nov 2022
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Highly recommend Katri for all cosmetic tattooist wanting to upskill! Not only does Katri have a heart of gold but she's absolutely AMAZING at what she does & will not hold back during training. Even months after completing a 1on1, I have received continuous support.
Kim Toey
26 Oct 2022
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Extremely happy with my training with Katri! Highly recommend! She is very knowledgeable and can provide useful information and tips on how to be a great PMU artist. The difference between a Masterclass with Katri and other PMU masterclasses is; with Katri, you'll learn to be amazing. And with the others, you simply learn to be average. She is a great mentor and has continued to provide feedback and advice during my journey x
Marika Bucknall
23 December, 2021
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"I can not recommend Katri highly enough for Ombré training. After the amazing job Katri did on my own ombré eyebrow and her insane healed results I knew straight away I wanted to learn her techniques. After completing so many training courses, I finally found someone who was willing to pass on all of the little tips and tricks that makes her work so amazing. Nothing was held back and I feel like I learned so much. I shadowed Katri for a day and then followed up with a one on one training with her and she has continued to give me support and guidance even after the training. Katri was not only able to explain and show me her technique and everything she does, but she was able to look at my own technique and critique what could be improved, something no one else has been able to do for me. I am excited for where my tattoo game will go now that I have had training with Katri. Highly highly highly recommend. Amazing training and beautiful person."
Alley Dunlop
4 June 2022
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So extremely happy with my training day with Katri! You are AMAZING. I attended Katri's 1:1 training the year of 2021 and boy, it was the best decision I have ever made for my tattooing career. After completing X2 previous courses which left me feeling confused and anxious I found Cocoon Atelier, a local Ballarat based business, and one of the most amazing artists I've come across. Katri has guided me and corrected my technique to result in the most flawless results I have ever achieved. Leaving no information/tips untouched. Even after completing my course with her she will still check in and help with any and all queries I have. Not only a beautifu person. But a knowledgeable, talented 10/10 cosmetic artist!! Simply the best - I wouldn't recommend anyone else Thank you for everything. Alley x
Laila Juliana
13 Mar 2023
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"I had my 1-1 training with Katri and I now feel so much more confident in my PMU application! Katri was sooo patient and lovely! She went through ever little detail with me and shared everything! From what she uses to working on a live model together. Thank you so much Katri, you wonderful human!
Isabella O'Neill
23 March , 2023
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I was a model for Katri and Georgia (archedbygeorgia) and my experience was incredible. Firstly Katri was an amazing teacher to Georgia. She was so informative and let her have a go at everything and gave her feedback in a really helpful way. I could see how much she was building Georgia's confidence as the appointment went on and I was so thankful to be able to model for them to train georgia. As for me, i absolutely love my eyebrows, Katri made sure i was happy with them before tattooing. They both did an amazing job, i 100% recommend Katri for eyebrow tattooing and as a teacher x
Georgia DiBiagio
4 Mar 2023
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Thank you so much Katri! I had so much fun and learnt so many new skills. You went into so much detail explained things in ways so that I could understand. You have such a beautiful energy and I felt so comfortable in your space. I can't wait to really refine my skills and practise my butt off and come see you again!
Megan Wentworth
13 Mar 2023
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Just completed the 1:1 brow course with Katri. She is so professional, knowledgeable, caring and so passionate about her work. If you are even thinking about getting into PMU then Cocoon Atelier is the best place to go, you won't regret it!